Lectron Billetron Short 125-200, KTM/HQ 00-22, YZ 95-22, CR, Beta 200..

Lectron Billetron Short 125-200, KTM/HQ 00-22, YZ 95-22, CR, Beta 200..
  • Tillverkare: Lectron
  • Artikelnummer: LF1138-SMS42B1
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This listing is for the all new Billetron 38 carburetors by Lectron. This is the short body product with a 78mm overall length.

Performance Improvements:

  • Significant bottom end hit - Torque and HP increases of 10% over competitors
  • Increased throttle response - Peak torque availability at lower RPM ranges for unmatched power availability
  • Faster power jet activation - Meaningful increase in CFM, signals activation earlier increasing top end performance and fine tunability
  • Improved Idle - Centralized and focused air flow to the fuel signal creating improved idle consistency
  • Increased Tunability - Finer adjustments and ease of access allows for easy on the track fine tuning
  • ISO Certified precision machining paired with billet aluminum construction for unbeatable product consistency and performance
  • How? Through These Design Changes:

    • New bore, bell, and slide design that maximizes airflow and throttle response across all throttle positions
    • H-Style slide (aluminum with newly designed hard anodize coating) reduces friction throughput throttle positions allowing for very controlled throttle
    • New metering rod adjustment mechanisim (1/8th turn increments) for fine tuning
    • Horizontal power jet screw that is adjustable by hand for quick and easy on the track tuning
    • Finer threading for idle adjustment allowing micro changes for tuning
    • New top cover design with two screws and locating dowels for ease of installation and adjustment
    • Gasketed body halves with dowel pins for consistency of performance and easy cleaning and rebuild ability
    • Industry standard Metric hardware
    • OEM throttle cable compatibility for most two stroke applications for user friendly installation
    • Shorter overall length and height for easy bolt on installation

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